Say Hello to Curry !

Feeling uninspired by the food mundane?

Focusing so much energy to discover high quality and pocket friendly food?

Constantly experiencing either wastage of food or insufficient size when the food is delivered home?

Ring Hello Curry !

The young and fascinating Food brand from India has proved that great Indian tasty food can be as convenient and rightly portioned with highest quality yet friendly prices.

Curry Pots

Remember when your mother made that perfectly rich and well simmered curry with a burst of flavors. Relive those memories with these appetizing curry pots which are packed full of highly selective ingredients to give you best taste and right nutrients. Served with roti or rice.

Rice Bowls

Never ignore those hunger pangs that strike you in, when it hits you, all you need is our wholesome rice bowl, there is nothing better than digging a spoon into a deep dish of flavored rice and soothing rich gravy to fulfill all your hunger dreams.

Stuffed Parathas

Did you ever feel so hungry that you couldn’t decide on what to eat? Well, our perfect comfort stuffed parathas is just the ticket. Enjoy all the flavorful and heart healthy goodness once again with our grandma’s home style recipes. By the way these are really stuffed!


Who doesn’t love this pampered and fragrant rice delicacy that reigns supreme as the world’s best one pot meal. Allow yourself to drift back to a time when you felt – Aah this is the best Dum Biryani... You get the same feeling everyday now with Hello Curry’s slow cooked and most “spicilicious” biryanis.

HelloCurry has pioneered a unique assembly chain to quickly cook delicious Indian food, without having any dependency on the skilled cooks.

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